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OnePlus 7 coming soon: 8 features that prove Oppo, Vivo are OnePlus' training ground

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OnePlus has created quite a stir in the short span of time it has been around. With phones that boast of flagship-level features and offer relatively affordable price, they’ve become quite the go-to device for those looking to buy a phone above Rs 30,000. One of the interesting thing about OnePlus features is that in all likelihood you’ll first spot them on a Vivo or an Opposmartphone. A lot of features that we end up seeing in OnePlus smartphones are first rolled out in Vivo or Oppo devices. After all, the three brands fall under the purview of one company only, so it’s hardly a case of being a copycat. Still, here are 8 features that have appeared in phones from the three brands over the years:

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